Customers trust Faqbot to enhance their customer experiences

Lampiris is an independent Belgian supplier of green electricity and gas. In 2016 with more than one million customers, Lampiris was acquired by Total to continue its strong growth, development of new integrated product offerings and market expansion effort.

Lampiris seeks to enhance their prospect engagement and lead generation initiatives across the social media channel. They launched an automated conversational bot with Faqbot as first line prospect engagement to guides online visitors in estimating their energy consumption. This allow Lampiris to make a personalised offer that is adapted to their consumption.

Xpenditure is a fast growing global company that provides online expense management solution. They are looking to increase the capability and capacity of their customer success team to support their customers during configuration, onboarding and usage of their application.

Xpenditure provides in-person support and integrated Faqbot to provide automated answer to their frequently asked questions. Human agents switch to the automated conversational agent (bot) during their out-of-office hours. This allow 24 hours a day and 7 days a week support coverage. The Faqbot in only accessible for Xpenditure’s customer on their product portal. is a website managed by Bank of Ireland 365 which is a registered business name of Bank of Ireland. The website is the online portal for the bank customer to access their digital banking services that is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via their web browser or App.

Bank of Ireland subscribed to Faqbot to setup and test a conversational agent (bot) to support their users with their frequently asked questions on their website for online payment, money transfer, login issue and many more.

Emixis is a growing Belgian leader in the field of telematics fleet management systems. Supporting this growing customer base with online training and documentation as well as customer support is one of its key challenges.

Emixis launched an automated conversational bot (Emybot) with Faqbot's to provides 24 hours / 7 days first-line support to troubleshoot and guide Emixis customers in resolving issues they might encounter during their operations. Allow them to resolving customer issues timely and efficiently. Emybot is only accessible for Emixis’s customer on their Securysat platform.

Immotransit is a leading online marketplace for the rental, sales and purchase of real estates. Real estate agencies subscribe to their services to promote and sell their portfolio of buildings, apartment, houses or lands on the platform.

Immotransit collaborate with Faqbot to enable their online users to browse and peruse their large offering of houses, apartments or offices conversationally. Instead of sending an email or call, users chat to ask for information concerning a real estate that they are interested in. This allow Immotransit to respond in real-time to any basic requests while allocating their precious resources on qualified leads.

Visadesk is a department of ASX-IBECO specialised in offering door-to-door logistic services for visa application and processing. They offer passport or legal documents pick-up and delivery between their client’s premises and embassies. They offer this services to individuals and businesses.

Together with Faqbot they developed a conversational agent that guide online visitors through their service offerings and facilitate them on their purchasing journey. The guided conversation give more visibility to their products, prompt user to discover their services and increase their online conversion rate. The conversational agent is in French, Dutch and English.

FormMyFit is a personal trainer in an App for committed running enthusiast that was created by former professional running coach and marathon runners. Users download the app, create their profile and measure their performance level. The App propose a personalised training plan, help set objectives and track progresses.

FormMyfit work with Faqbot to create an onboarding conversational path to highlight their unique value proposition and to help convert their free user based to premium plan. The conversational agent was launched together with their new premium landing page to increase the download of the App.

We Are is an innovative Swiss communication agency that applied design thinking, collaborative methodologies and technologies to make their customer shine. They are based in Lausanne. Their customers include Caterpilar, SwissAir, Audemars Piguet and many more. subscribed to Faqbot services to setup an online conversational agents to guide their online visitor to discover their services, working methodology and enhanced customer journey. is a French e-commerce website selling woods for construction and home improvements that has being active in this domain for nearly 10 years. Planete-Bois sells make-to-order wooden work-surface for kitchens, wood panels for furnitures or staircases to consumers and professional builders via this online channel.

They collaborate with Faqbot to build a conversational offer builder that is intuitive and simple for buyers to personalise their purchase. Users select the product, provide their dimensions and get a quote back in real-time.