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Recupel is a non-profit organization that organizes the collection and processing of discarded electrical appliances in Belgium. It was created in support of the take-back obligation : legislation that requires that every trader who places an electrical(on)ic appliance on the Belgian market must also take on the collection and processing of the discarded appliances.

Recupel uses Faqbot to inform everyone interested in recycling about anything related to electrical(on)ic appliance disposal. Anyone who visits their webpage and uses the virtual assistants help can be aided in Dutch, French and English. Furthermore the chatbot is almost completely autonomous–keeping people informed 24/7.

Roularta Media Group

Roularta Media Group is a Belgian-French publishing and printing firm. It is a market leader in magazines about general topics, business and sports news, lifestyle, medical and other professional content and local media such as door-to-door local papers, Sunday newspapers, lifestyle magazines and internet marketing solutions. Roularta has more than 3,000 employees and a consolidated turnover of EUR 750 million.

Roularta uses Faqbot to answer FAQs from its magazine subscribers in Dutch and French, in real time and automatically. Faqbot is installed on its FAQ page for customer support on its web portal for magazine subscriptions,

Social Energy

Social Energy is a UK based smart energy trading network technology company working together with Duracell Home Energy Storage for solar PV and battery storage customers.On their artificial intelligence-powered platform customers can swap and trade their solar energy with other network customers, or sell it to the National Grid meeting its FFR standards.

Social Energy uses Faqbot to provide its customers with 24/7 high class customer support powered by AI. Answering everything from simple everyday questions to complex technical questions.This frees up their service agents so that they can focus on more complex customers requests.

Forum Jobs

Forum Jobs is the leading temporary staffing company in Belgium with a strong regional presence, operating over 30 offices, mainly in Flanders. Active in staffing general blue-and white-collar profiles, and serves various niches including food, call centres, construction, and technical profiles. With a turnover of more than 115 million €.

Forum Jobs uses Faqbot as the first point of contact for everyone that visits their web page. Through a conversation the chatbot helps job seekers looking for permanent or temporary employment as well as employers in Dutch, French and English. Connecting the right people to the right jobs.


Famiflora is the largest garden and decoration center in Belgium (Mouscron), spanning over 25000m². They offer a wide range of flowers, plants and seasonal decorations. Center also has a large food hall with a market, several shops and a restaurant.

Famiflora uses Faqbot to gain a competitive edge over their competitors and improve their customer journey. Starting to use the solution during COVID19 pandemic crisis has allowed Famiflora to be prepared for store reopening after a government issued lockdown was lifted. Allowing for timely customer support, answering questions regarding their business and addressing COVID19 safety concerns 24/7.


Hubo is a Belgian hardware store-chain founded in 1992, now it has 150 stores that makes it one of the largest in the country. Hubo focuses its activities on the DIY branch. The number of products in a Hubo store go up to 25.000 for indoor and outdoor uses.

Hubo uses Faqbot to help their customer support tackle the frequently asked questions. Due to the size of the company and variety of products Hubo sees automation as the way forward to improve their customer support and increase their customer satisfaction.

Brussels Motor Show

Auto Salon (FEBIAC) is FEBIAC npa federation is the federation of the car and two-wheeler industry in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and has over 100 years of experience. It represents the manufacturers and importers of the means of transport on the road (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorized two-wheelers, bicycles) in Belgium and Luxembourg; and this at European, international, federal and regional level.

One of FEBIAC’s missions is the organization of the Brussels Motor Shows. These Shows are recognized by the OICA and are on their official Motor Show calendar. Each year in January, Brussels Expo becomes the biggest showroom of Belgium.

Auto Salon (FEBIAC) uses Faqbot to help all the Motor Show enthusiasts find the right answers to their frequently asked questions regarding the exhibition and ticket sales.

Dour Festival

Dour Festival is an internationally known annual music festival in the municipality of Dour, Belgium. It was first created in 1988 with only five bands on the program, while now the festival format consists of 5 days, 9 stages and more than 280 bands and DJs.

Dour Festival uses Faqbot to keep their festival-goers informed with all the latest information related to the festival, how to get there, accommodation and much more. This allows their employees to tackle more complex issues and requests. Informed festival-goer is a happy festival-goer.

Finance &

Finance Brussels (Brussels Regional Investment Company - BRIC) provides financial support to help private businesses set up, restructure and expand, working to attract investments in the mixed economy in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Finance Brussels uses Faqbot for lead collection that needs financial support to start their business. These collected leads are connected to the right information in a centralised way.


Lampiris is an independent Belgian supplier of green electricity and gas. In 2016, with more than one million customers, Lampiris was acquired by Total with a view to continuing its strong growth, development of new integrated product offerings and market expansion effort.

Lampiris seeks to enhance prospect engagement and lead generation initiatives across the social media channel. It launched an automated conversational bot with Faqbot as first line prospect engagement to guide online visitors in estimating their energy consumption. This enables Lampiris to make a personalized offer that is adapted to consumption.


TLT LLP is among the top 50 law firms in the UK, headquartered in Bristol. TLT employs approximately 1,000 staff. Helping their customers to grow their businesses, delivering their products and services effectively, grasping opportunities or minimising their risk. Their services support their clients in the areas of advisory, disputes and transactions.

TLT LLP uses Faqbot for their internal communication. Informing their employees about the latest trainings available, helping to tackle IT related issues as well as answer their frequently asked questions.


Maxicon, created in 2015 by a team of experienced outsourcing specialists, keeping outsourcing of technical staff as its main focus. Since mid-2017 Maxicon also has a team of outsourcing with a specialization in ICT, Retail and Engineering. Maxicon also uses drone technology to make various industrial applications safer and more efficient. Today, more than 130 people are active within Maxicon, from its head office in Ardooie and office in Drongen, Belgium.

Maxicon uses Faqbot for lead collection. Which encourages its users to engage with their brand more and in a seamless, conversational way. Avoiding tedious form filling. Faqbot provides Maxicons staff with up to date information of their future prospects.

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