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Your benefits


Personalization at scale

Personal one-to-one customer engagement experience that scales online. As easy as texting and chatting.

Self service

24/7 Self-help service

Build a chatbot that answers frequently asked questions automatically with AI and curate a user-driven FAQ database.


On demand everywhere

Works on your website, in your app, and any other communication channel.


Simple to setup

Sign up, add your FAQ page, personalize and install your Faqbot in minutes. No coding required.

Our promise

Faqbot transforms companies' FAQ page into automated chat. We use best-in-class artificial intelligence to understand, reduce customer support volume and scale.

We help companies to build self-servicing help for customer support, sales and marketing automation.

Lead generation Lead generation
Internal Communication Internal communication
Customer support Customer support
Intranet Intranet
Sales support Sales support
Marketing Marketing
Onboarding Onboarding


Answer FAQs automatically

Faqbot builds a FAQ database on the basis of your existing FAQ content. Our AI understands questions that are formulated differently and learns from each conversation to improve its replies.

We enable you to curate FAQs that are driven by your users.

Chatbot Dashboard faqbot Oval chatbot dashboard

Guided conversational flow

Faqbot lets you build guided conversational flow with your users to guide them to a desired outcome.

Map out your process and automate this to reduce customer support volume, increase conversion or qualified leads.

Chatbot Chatbot 2 Chatbot 3 Oval chatbot

Seamless hand-off

Faqbot knows when to pass a question to your team, we integrate with different ticketing or messaging systems.

Our system is designed for easy setup and integration with other platform.

Dashboard conversationnal flow Dashboard conversationnal flow Oval conversationnal flow


Didier Bennert

Didier Bennert

CEO, Emixis

Faqbot lets us offer innovative ways and new contact points to interact with our customers which is critical for our success.
Sebastien Scoumanne

Sebastien Scoumanne

CTO, Listminut

We use Faqbot to reduce email tickets we received everyday for frequently asked questions. Faqbot is a partner that master the bot technology.
Davy Kestens

Davy Kestens

Board director, Sparkcentral

Faqbot is building some interesting new technology and I’m pleased to participate in this journey.

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