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Roularta Media Group

Roularta Media Group is a Belgian-French publishing and printing firm. It is a market leader in magazines about general topics, business and sports news, lifestyle, medical and other professional content and local media such as door-to-door local papers, Sunday newspapers, lifestyle magazines and internet marketing solutions. Roularta has more than 3,000 employees and a consolidated turnover of EUR 750 million.

Roularta uses Faqbot to answer FAQs from its magazine subscribers in Dutch and French, in real time and automatically. Faqbot is installed on its FAQ page for customer support on its web portal for magazine subscriptions,


Recupel is a non-profit organization that organizes the collection and processing of discarded electrical appliances in Belgium. It was created in support of the take-back obligation : legislation that requires that every trader who places an electrical(on)ic appliance on the Belgian market must also take on the collection and processing of the discarded appliances.

Recupel uses Faqbot to inform everyone interested in recycling about anything related to electrical(on)ic appliance disposal. Anyone who visits their webpage and uses the virtual assistants help can be aided in Dutch, French and English. Furthermore the chatbot is almost completely autonomous–keeping people informed 24/7.


TLT LLP is among the top 50 law firms in the UK, headquartered in Bristol. TLT employs approximately 1,000 staff. Helping their customers to grow their businesses, delivering their products and services effectively, grasping opportunities or minimising their risk. Their services support their clients in the areas of advisory, disputes and transactions.

TLT LLP uses Faqbot for their internal communication. Informing their employees about the latest trainings available, helping to tackle IT related issues as well as answer their frequently asked questions.

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